The Best Baby Shower Gifts

What to Give the New Baby at a Baby Shower?

One of the most exciting times in life is when you are expecting a baby, and it can be difficult to find baby shower gifts for baby showers. Besides family members, friends often throw baby showers; there is no setlist of what baby shower guests should bring. 

So what do you get? How about some adorable baby clothes! I’ve found some fun clothing items that will make great baby shower gifts to give new parents. From baby boy clothes to baby girl clothes, there is something for everyone.

  1. Baby Onesies

Baby onesies make great gift items because they are useful for both boys and girls. 

It doesn't matter what gender the baby shower guests believe their friends or family member's newest addition to be; everyone loves receiving an adorable outfit that will fit perfectly right off the bat—especially if it is baby girl clothes or baby boy clothes! 


  1. Baby Socks 

Baby shoes are cute too, but baby socks work just as well. You can find baby girl socks and baby boy socks in a variety of colors. 

  1. Baby Bibs

These are pretty necessary as babies tend to drool a lot. You can get for both baby boy or girl with good designs.

  1. Baby Hats

Baby hats can be another good option as a gift. 

  1. Baby Bath Towels 

There is nothing better than wrapping up your little one after a nice warm bath.

  1. Baby Clothes For Winter Babies

These can be more expensive than other types of baby shower gifts, so it’s nice to give couples something they will use.

  1. Baby Blankets

When it comes to baby blankets, there is no shortage in the number of choices available. There are receiving blankets that can be used at home or while out on outings with your little one. 

Swaddling blankets help new parents ensure their baby stays warm throughout the night after the umbilical cord has been cut off, but they need them for naps too! 

It's always better to have two so you never get caught without one during nap time because, let’s face it - babies love routine, and anything different from what they expect could upset them, which means an unhappy mommy/daddy as well! 

And finally, muslin baby blankets are great for babies to cuddle up with during chilly months.

If you are looking for a last-minute baby shower gift, I hope this list of ideas is helpful. From funny baby onesies to Halloween onesies, there’s something here for everyone.